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Panda Wands™ Bamboo Straws Set

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What Is This Product?

Panda Wands™ are all-natural, reusable straws made out of bamboo. Each set comes with 2 large "boba" straws and 2 regular straws, a basic cleaning brush, and a handy canvas sack.

Why Should It Exist?

Plastics in the Ocean

Single-use plastics are SO last generation. Bamboo is a wonderful material that is resilient and fast-growing. It makes for the perfect guilt-free straw. (Why haven't we been doing this all along???) Bamboo straws aren't going to fix all the environmental problems in the world, but it's a good start. 

Why Should People Buy This Product?

We'd be happy if people buy any similar reusable product, including those of our competitors! But we think Panda Wands have a few nice features which make us better than most, such as the following:

* Our large straws are specialized for boba. They feature extra width (no boba blockage!) and extra-length (9.1 in.). In addition, these straws are cut at an angle on one end for maximum effectiveness.

* Our straws are 100% naturalPanda Wands are NOT constructed with glue and wood pulp like some other "bamboo" products.  

* Bamboo straws are more pleasant in the mouth than metal straws. Bamboo is also inherently carbon-sequestering

* We actually put some effort making our canvas sacks look great. So, Panda Wands are gift-ready! (Gold Star for you if you can read the elvish text...)

* Last but not least, our Panda is THE CUTEST, and he's lasered (not inked) on all Panda Wands™. Seriously though, Abracapanda!   

Peace of mind is priceless. You already have a good conscience going--Now all you need is a set of Panda Wands™!  ;)

Tell Us the Story of This Product.

Over a year ago, my wife and I were vacationing in Vietnam. Over there, some milk tea stores serve drinks with bamboo straws instead of plastic straws. - Vacation in Hoi An, Vietnam

We wondered why bamboo isn't used for straws more often. When we got back, we went through the unglamorous work of trying to create bamboo straws for the U.S. It wasn't rocket science, and there were already plenty of people making "natural" straws. But we wanted something that we'd be happy to use ourselves. So, we designed custom straws for boba consumption and created good looking branding and packaging that we'd be proud of. And so, several months later, we can finally offer Panda Wands™!

We hope you'll like it as much as we do, and THANK YOU FOR CARING

Who Are You?

My name is Edgar. I spent over a decade in finance before deciding to create new products and businesses instead. You can see some of my launched projects at Motley Works, my personal incubator. These days I spend most of my time investing in early-stage ventures; building unusual products and applications; and distracting myself with too many interests in general. If you're interested in knowing more, please join me at my Buy Me Coffee™ page:

Anything Else You Want to Say?

Yes. Bamboo is a natural material. So, the straws won't be identical. So, please allow for some natural variation between the straws. In addition, as with any tube used with liquids (even metal or plastic), you should take care to clean and dry the straws after each use to prevent mold from developing. We prefer to do a quick flick after each use and washing (i.e. This is the time for "Abracapanda!").


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