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Panda StiX™ Privacy Cam Stickers

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What Is This Product?

Panda StiX™ is a simple way of protecting your privacy by physically blocking the camera lens on your devices. Each set comes with three stickers and works with most electronic devices that feature small cameras like that on webcams, digital assistants, and smartphones. 

Why Should It Exist?

It can be shockingly easy for unauthorized people to gain access to the small cameras on connected devices that litter our lives. We think it's better to be safe than viral... 

Why Should People Buy This Product?

At some point, you just need to graduate from tape and Post-its. That is your cheapest alternative. There are other options very similar to ours which feature a plain design. Panda StiX just happens to be much more pleasant to look at. In summary, Panda StiX features the following advantages:

  • The 3M adhesive used by Panda StiX™ is more reliable and/or less damaging than regular tape and Post-its.
  • The simple slide on/slide off off design of Panda StiX™ makes actually using your device camera less of a hassle than needing to peel and re-apply tape or Post-its.
  • We think our Panda is a lot more pleasing to look at than designs from other competitors (read: We're cuter). 

Tell Us the Story of This Product.

I think like most people, the more I learn about how the Internet works, the more I grow concerned. Companies are happy to sell products and services on convenience but rarely feel as compelled to educate people of the risks. As I also "grew up" with more assets and responsibilities, I became more paranoid, which is probably why I ended up discovering privacy stickers a year ago while perusing Amazon. I was taking a break from work then and was keen to figure out how to make products myself. Over the next several months, I found a supplier and worked with a graphic designer to come up with something a lot less drab than the plain privacy stickers I found on Amazon. Fast forward to now, and I can finally sell these!

Who Are You?

My name is Edgar. I spent over a decade in finance before deciding to create new products and businesses instead. You can see some of my launched projects at Motley Works, my personal incubator. These days I spend most of my time investing in early-stage ventures; building unusual products and applications; and distracting myself with too many interests in general. If you're interested in knowing more, please join me at my Buy Me Coffee™ page:


Anything Else You Want to Say?

Yes. Stay safe, stay happy.