Memento Mori by Morti

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What Is This Product?

Morti™ is a 3d printed high resolution steel and bronze figurine that doubles as a paperweight or penholder. 


Width: 46.0mm

Height: 66.3mm

Depth: 53.8mm

Weight: 386 grams

Why Should It Exist?

Morti™ was inspired by "Memento Mori," the ancient tradition of being mindful of death so you don't slack off or fail to appreciate the short and limited time you have to do what is important to you. We hope Morti will sit on your desk as a daily reminder to keep on working hard on the difficult, but meaningful things. It is all too easy to be distracted these days, and we forget that we don't have forever on this Earth. If there's someone you care about who also has dragons to slay, then perhaps Morti can be his or her cheerleader as well. Morti can be a pen holder, paperweight, or simply sculpture and art. We think of him as all these things!

Why Should People Buy This Product?

This item is far from cheap, but that’s largely due to the quality of the item. In particular, these features set Morti apart from other Memento Mori pieces:

  • We used a high resolution model when designing Morti, making the print extremely detailed.   
Memento Mori by Morti
  • We also based the design on a “true to life” model of the human skull, instead of an artistic re-imagination of a skull. 
Memento Mori by Morti
  • Steel and bronze material makes for an extremely durable item that’s likely to last for GENERATIONS.
  • The steel and bronze material also makes for a very good weight that exudes quality and substance.
  • This makes for a high class gift for the Memento Mori fan in your life. My wife and I have one each, and we LOVE it. 

Tell Us the Story of This Product.

Several years ago while I was still working, I became familiar with memento mori through the writings of Tim Ferriss. Tim inspired me to rethink my life, and make sure I don’t let it slip by without doing all the things I believed I was capable of. After reworking the way I did my job, and how I spent my time, I eventually managed to strike out on my own. I retired at 32. 

One of the first products I decided to create as a “free” man was Morti. I knew the market for a high priced, high quality Memento Mori product was likely small. I joke that perhaps I AM that Market. But I went ahead and worked on it anyway. That’s what memento mori can do for you. It makes it very clear when your fear of failing lets you sweep aside things that are actually important to you. Ironically, one solution to this is the use the fear of your own death to right the ship. After a couple of months designing the item with a 3d printing designer and then a few more months trying to find the best manufacturer for the design. Now, I can offer this item (made to order) on this store.  

Who Are You?

Edgar Cabrera https://buymecoffee.coMy name is Edgar. I spent over a decade in finance before deciding to create new products and businesses instead. You 
can see some of my launched projects at Motley Works, my personal incubator. These days I spend most of my time investing in early-stage ventures; building unusual products and applications; and distracting myself with too many interests in general. If you're interested in knowing more, please join me at my Buy Me Coffee™ page:


Anything Else You Want to Say?

Morti is 3D printed on-demand in bronze and steel with a raw finish. Other materials and finishes are available, but are generally more expensive. It's also possible to get the item in a white, bone-like natural sandstone material, but that option makes the piece significantly lighter and more fragile. That option is much cheaper though. Please message at me if you're interested in these alternative options.

And! Memento Mori. This is really important.

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